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Info for International Orders


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Updated 10/09/2021



With several parcels being rejected by customs in certain EU countries during August and the beginning of September, we can’t guarantee that your order won’t be rejected and returned to sender. With that being said, those who place orders from the EU must accept the risk, and in the case that your package may be returned, postage will not be refunded.
Items will be refunded when the parcel returns to us.

Updated 12/15/2021
DISCLAIMER: Parcels returned by customs could take an unprecedented amount of time to arrive back to us.

For those who live in Ireland or Netherlands in particular, if you have an address you can use outside of those places, we recommend that.

Shipping times are still much longer than usual. Orders leaving the US, in some cases, could take up to or more than one month to arrive.

We are also currently not shipping to Australia or New Zealand. This is due to news that customs is not taking any parcels from USPS.

International orders that contain CDs require additional postage to send.
Choose the option for Over 8oz.-2lb/Max 10 tapes at checkout. This is to protect CDs from getting broken in transit. Discs cannot be sent in mailers anymore.

Updated August 2021

Regarding VAT:

We are not collecting VAT at this time. If you are ordering from outside the US, you may be expected to pay VAT/duties when your order arrives in the country of destination, depending on the size of the order. Orders who are not picked up from customs/refusal of payment will not be refunded for postage costs.

All orders outside the USA with LPs must get in touch via email for an accurate quote on postage. LPs will be sent double boxed to prevent damage during transit.

We are not shipping to Mexico or South America at this time.

International Postage Rates (Updated 2/12/2021)


14$ - Shipping for orders up to 8oz. (Max 3 tapes)

21$ - (Over 8oz.-2lb/Max 12 tapes)

International 1

Including: France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Malaysia ,Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine

15$ - Shipping for orders up to 8oz. (Max 3 tapes)

25$ - (Over 8oz.-2lb/Max 12 tapes)

28$ - Ukraine (Over 8oz.-2lb)

These rates will remain the same as before for the above mentioned countries, excluding parcels over 8oz. going to Ukraine.

International 2

Including: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland

16$ - Shipping for orders up to 8oz. (Max 3 tapes)

27$ - (Over 8oz.-2lb/Max 12 tapes)

United Kingdom

16$ Shipping for orders up to 8oz. (Max 3 tapes)

25$ - (Over 8oz.-2lb/Max 12 tapes)

International 3

Including: China, Japan, South Korea

17$ - Shipping for orders up to 8oz. (Max 3 tapes)

27$ - (Over 8oz.-2lb/Max 12 tapes)

These postage rates will remain the same as before.

Australia & New Zealand (Currently Not Shipping to Australia & New Zealand)

18$ - Shipping for orders up to 8oz. (Max 3 tapes)

29$ - (Over 8oz.-2lb/Max 12 tapes)